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Important Stuff ...

Caprier's should know about

Dear Fellow Capriers:

November 13, 2010

From: Kevin Martin 

Capri Neighborhood

“ I will be reorganizing and heading up the Capri Neighborhood Watch very soon.”  If you would like to talk with Kevin about this, you can reach him at 239-601-5471 or email


Phase 2 Water Project

Once again ...

From Diana Dueri – If you live between the Fire Station and the rest of the Isles on Pelican as well as all of the side streets therein, please send a completed Survey Form to my office immediately.  This serves as protection for your property during the installation of phase 2 of Capri’s New Water Service.   Form below .... You may email this to me at

Isles of Capri Property Owners

Survey Form Download HERE


Coyote Problem

The coyotes are still are still a problem on Isles of Capri. They are still attacking and killing our precious pets so be ever vigilant.  Keep your pets on a short leash and your eyes open.

From John McNicholas: The coyote got a black and white cat at the corner of Pago Pago and Capri Blvd in front of the church.  I pushed the remains into the hedge there if anyone is looking for it.... it was not killed there, so it could be from an owner farther away....


 Dear Fellow Capriers:
As mentioned during the "Meet the Team - Town Hall Meeting" on April 27, 2010 we are requesting some information on items on your property that may be located within the areas where the Water District will soon begin construction. This survey will be provided to our contractor.

Please complete this survey form and return it by mail to:

Diana Dueri, Capri Water Project Director at Water Distribution Department4370 Mercantile Ave., Naples, FL 34104

or Fax it to 239-252-6803

or e-mail it to her at by May 24, 2010.

Download HERE




Dear Fellow Capriers:
Commissioner Donna Fiala sends us the final word on the upcoming Census. 

See her comments below:
From Commissioner Donna Fiala - There are 10 questions on the official ballot they will send out this coming week.  If you fill that out there is no need for anyone to come to your door.  AND, by the way, those 10 questions do NOT ask for your social security number nor your bank account number.

Donna Fiala



Dear Fellow Capriers:
What follows below is probably more than you want to know about coyotes. But if you read it carefully, you will soon learn that all across these United States, we are going to learn to live with Coyotes, just as we have learned to live with all of wildlife.
You must obtain a permit to kill a nuisance coyote. However, coyotes are not pack animals...they are usually solitary but may pair up during the breeding season. Also, if your small animals are loose, you are basically offering a free meal to just about any animal out there. Wildlife has a purpose in nature and the ecosystem. It is our responsibility to keep our pets safe. Remove the free meal and the coyotes won't have reason to come onto your property. Unless you plan on killing every predatory animal that exists in nature, your pets will still be in danger until you take responsibility.
Coyote Removal by NeighborHelp Referrals' Affordable Trapping (465-9291)
-------------------------------------------------Diane Flagg, Director, Collier County Code Enforcement writes -

The Code District supervisor for Isles of Capri has contacted the Fish and Wildlife agency who stated they do not address coyote issues but did provide a contact for a professor at the University of Florida who does work with these issues. Ms Petrulli has contacted the individual and is waiting for follow-up.

As soon as we can identify a definite solution we will contact Ms. Hall to advise.


Diane B. Flagg, Director
Code Enforcement Department

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