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Here's the latest on our Century Plant ...



Thanks to Dale who snapped this picture of our "out of control" beanstalk!  Big "Skinny" Dick has got a serious lean going on ... LOL

century plant big skinny dick


OK, Now it gets interesting ... Big "Skinny" not only has arms, but now he has hands with fingers ... YIKES!

These fingers look to be yellow buds and soon will blossom into feathery kind of flowers.  Well, yours truly will not be here to see it, but if anyone would like to keep track of Big "Skinny" I will be happy to post the pictures ... just email me with the pix to



century plant isles of capri big dick 2


century plant isles of capri big dick




Holy COW ... he has sprouted arms!

Big "Skinny" Dick has continued to grow, but now he has decided to sprout arms ... NO Kidding ... this 2 pix from


isles of capri big dick 2

big dick isles of capri


Update on Big Dick ... and I mean BIG!

Jean Dilks posing prettily with the Big Guy


big dick addy isles of capri florida

Just how big will big Dick get??????



century paln


Interesting Stuff ...

Fellow Capriers, we are living next to one of the craziest plants ever right here on Isles of Capri.  This darn cactus plant that my neighbors Linda and Jack have cut back numerous times over the years, has decided to get seriously out of control!  From the middle of this thorny beast is growing a “ginormous” stalk … it is growing several inches every day and right now it is over the roofline.

Linda has named the cactus Richard, but I am less formal and sometimes call him by his nickname of Dick. 

After a bit of research I found out that Richard is a Century plant … the following info comes  from the San Diego Zoo website:

Agave or Century Plant Agave Americana
FAMILY: Agavaceae (Agave Family)

The name agave comes from the Greek word agavos, meaning noble or admirable, and this group of plants has lived up to its name. There is archeological evidence that humans have used agaves for at least 9,000 years, baking the leaves in pits for food and using the fibers and stalks to make everything from rope to clothing to weapons.

The Agave americana is often called the century plant because was reputed to bloom only once in 100 years, but that's an exaggeration. It does only bloom once in its lifetime, but usually between 7 and 20 years. The main plant then dies, but most species produce shoots that will take over and grow to maturity. Beautiful flower spikes reach for the sky in many, including the Century Plant Agave Americana which can have a bloom spike up to 40 feet (12 meters) high.

Perhaps one of the best known uses for agave is the production of tequila, which has long been a vital industry in Mexico. Tequila is made from the fermented and distilled juices, called aquamiel or "honey water," produced by the agave just before it flowers. In 1999, Mexico exported some 21 million gallons (80 million liters) of tequila to the United States, and the current annual value of these exports is about 200 million dollars. In fact, the agave plants grown on plantations are so valuable that they must be protected from agave rustlers!

Holy Cow, now that I know about Tequila being made from the agave from this plant, I will be standing next to Dick Addy with my limes and salt!  Anyone have a blender?

Denise Clarke, the BloggerBabe, reporting ... BTW ... I will be giving updates on Richard's growth!



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